Host a dinner

Join us by hosting a dinner during our next BBN Dinner Week:

March 1st – 10th

Theme: Our Heritage


To join in with our Dinner Week, we ask that you:
1) host a meal with a group of people that you would like  to have a deeper conversation with (big or small, formal or informal, breakfast or supper – do what works for you)
2) at your meal, discuss the following question:
With St Patrick’s Day coming up, Irish heritage is on many peoples minds. How does your own heritage shape who you are and how you see the world?
3) snap a photo of your gathering and send it to  In your email include a few lines about what your group talked about.



Our upcoming BBN Dinner Weeks and themes are:

April 12th – 21st – New Beginnings

May 17th – 26th – Busy Lives